Stopping Exploitation

Exploitation is crime in New Zealand.

Unfortunately, many visa workers are exploited, stolen from and bullied by their employers. 

We will stop this abuse.

Visa workers need employers to sponser their visas. Because of this, many are forced to:

  • work thousands of hours for free
  • pay thousands of dollars in exchange for a job
  • accept no annual holidays and other legal rights
  • recieve food and accomodation instead of wages

If a worker complains, the exploiter often threatens to sack them and withdraw their sponsorship.

Legally, it is the employer who is in trouble for any breach - not the worker. Sometimes we advise a worker to wait until they feel safer before taking a claim.

We will seek compensation for victims and stop it from happening to others in the future. If an exploiter refuses to settle a case, we will pursue them relentlessly. We have won hundreds of thousands of dollars for victims.

Any claim can be backdated six years.

We keep the worker's details confidential. We work with Immigration NZ to allow the worker to remain in New Zealand whilst the case is in the legal process.

We understand how difficult it can be for a worker to raise problems. Our unique partnership with the Migrant Workers Association allows us to offer legal representation for visa holders while providing pastoral care for workers in need. We have advocates who speak various languages, including Mandarin ( 中文 ), Hindi, Punjabi and Samoan.



Our costs are covered by individual case fees and settlement payments. 


Step 1:

You contact us using one of the methods on our Contact Our Team page. All contact is strictly confidential. We offer you initial advice for free, with no obligations.

Step 2:

You download and fill out our detailed Case Assessment form here. You then send it to, or to your case advocate if you already have one. Your advocate will then advise you of your legal options and how we can help you going forward. You pay a one-off $100 case assessment fee. 

Step 3:

After you receive your case assessment, we may agree with you to represent and manage your case. You pay a one-off $300 case administration fee. You also agree to become a union member at $25 a month. You may choose not to become a union member, but you will be charged an additional $300 case fee (making the amount $600 in total). Your membership fees are credited against any future case work we do for you, up to $300 in any one year.


Fees can be waived in cases of extreme hardship.


To find out more about our advocates and the language services we offer, including how to get in touch with us, go to our Contact Our Team page.

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