Sponsor a Brick

Will you become a sponsor of the OneUnion Foundation?

For our mission to succeed we need a place to operate. Our present office is perfect. We have the necessary furniture and equipment. We also have phones, internet and the fixed services. 

To meet these costs we have established the OneUnion Foundation. We invite 25 supporters each month to sponsor a brick for our Foundation Wall. We would like you to be one of our sponsors. 

You can choose a $100 red brick or a $200 gold brick.

We hope half will sponsor each colour. That would raise $3750 which will cover our monthly lease and fixed overheads.

We also offer a platinum brick for those who would generously offer more than $500. This money is separately earmarked for essential capital items. We hope 20 people can offer this over the year.

To give our Foundation Wall real presence, we have placed it in our office main entrance.

We invite each sponsor to write their name on their brick with a personal message. Our visitors will hopefully be inspired by these messages whenever they come to our office.  If you live outside Auckland Julia will send you your brick and get you to personalise it and send it back to us.

Click here to sponsor a $100 red brick

Click here to sponsor a $200 gold brick

Click here to sponsor a $500 platinum brick


We will contact you with your receipt and acknowledgement.

Having you being part of 25 supporters joining the foundation each month will take so much pressure off us. 

If you want to know more or have any suggestions contact Julia Liu 021 256 1135 or Matt McCarten 0295 684 422