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Some of our team in the Auckland office.


One Union is a Trade Union which provides legal representation for workers in small workplaces.

Our National office is based in Auckland. We have a network of experienced union advocates backed up by legal support across the country.

We offer advice, support and representation for workers who do not have a union on their workplace and cannot afford a lawyer.


Our commitment: making a difference in organising workplaces to defend and advance the interests of workers.

Our mission: to win justice for workers who are mistreated or exploited in New Zealand. 

We partner with community activists to organise public support campaigns for workers under attack.




The Migrant Workers Association/MWA (Trust):
  • Fights to improve migrant rights in NZ
  • Campaigns agaisnt the exploitation of migrants
  • Offers support and pastoral care for individual migrant workers.

Through our partnership with the MWA, we are able to offer advocacy services in languages including Mandarin ( 中文 ), Hindi, Punjabi and Samoan.

MWA lead a public campaign for justice.


UTU For the People (Network):
  • Exposes exploiters and abusers
  • Campaigns against injustice
  • Organises community support for workers who have been mistreated or exploited, and organises public events

We are able to publicly hold exploiting bosses to account and accelerate the progress of your case, thanks to the dedicated help of our friends at UTU

Joe Carolan of UTU exposes an exploiter.


UTU support truck outside our Auckland office - ready for action




Together, One Union, MWA and UTU are commited to winning justice for all workers.

Our strategy is threefold. 



We resolve individual workers’ immediate injustices. This includes recovering back-pay for unpaid hours and legal entitlements, preventing unfair sackings, negotiating redundancies, eliminating harassment and bullying, and seeking compensation for grievances.


We enforce minimum rights collectively for all workers at a workplace on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, thousands of workers in small workplaces still don’t get their minimum legal entitlements. We make sure they do.


We give ongoing support to workers to build their own collective power to improve their collective working conditions.


Find out more about how we can help you by following the link, or use the navigation bar along the top of the website to explore for yourself.

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