The Problem:

Workers in Crisis

Many millions of workers around the globe have lost their jobs and their livelihoods because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions more are forced to accept pay cuts, reduced hours and inferior work conditions. The world is in crisis and job losses will increase. We face the same challenge in New Zealand.

There are nearly two million workers in NZ’s private sector. Less than one in ten of these workers are members of a trade union. Half are not able to join a trade union even if they want to. That means most workers are on their own. They have no power or collective strength to protect their jobs and their incomes.

The Answer: The newest,

best little union for workers

One Union is a new movement helping any workers who don’t have a union on their workplace.

We are dedicated to helping any individual worker, or group of workers, who have a workplace problem. This may include dismissals, redundancies, non-payments, mistreatment and bullying.

One Union works in partnership with UTU For the People and the Migrant Workers Association (MWA). UTU is a network of activists who expose, and directly campaign against unscrupulous employers. MWA advocates for exploited migrant workers and provides pastoral care.

Our costs are covered by settlement fees after a case is resolved. If we agree with you to represent and manage your case, you will pay a one-off administration fee. We can amend fees in cases of extreme hardship. We also request you to join the union.


To find out more about our team, how we work, what services we offer and how to get in contact with us, have a look around our site. You can either follow the links, or use the navigation bar along the top of the page to direct yourself.

As you can probably tell, our website is currently undergoing construction. Thank you for your patience as we work towards offering you our best services and improving your overall experience with the team at One Union.

COMMUNITY ORGANISATIONS WORKING TOGETHER, SEEKING JUSTICE FOR WORKERS - download and check out our latest information brochure. It covers your basic employment rights and tells you about the employment issues we can help with.